Staff Roles and Positions

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Steve Colins (H)
Benedict Uzor (H)
Richard Morton (H)
John Hickey (H)
Dr. David Bainbridge (H)

Lay Chair Panel Leads

James Bailey (H)
Marion Blake (H)
Michael Brown (H)
Paul Huff (H)

Office Staff

Senior Project Manager

Barry ‘BJ’ Tanner (H)

Media and Communications Manager

Martin McClinton


Paul Bleak

Francesca Glenn

Support Staff

Adam Jaworski

Jayne Harris

Michele Woodfern

Brian McCabe

Michele Roberts

Honorary Roles

Roles marked (H) are honorary. Individuals in these positions contribute to the work of GRCCT without remuneration and are paid a small annual honorarium to cover expenses. The largest honorarium offered is £2700 per annum.

If you are interested in contributing to the work of the GRCCT please contact the GRCCT office or click here for Brief Job Specifications and Application Forms.

For any enquiries about the role of GRCCT please contact us