Advantages of GRCCT Registration

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GRCCT registration evidences to the general public and to other healthcare providers that the practitioner meets national and profession requirements for the education and practice of their discipline.

Government Engagement and Representation

As the largest regulatory structure in the history of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the UK, GRCCT is the voice of the sector. Part of the regulatory role is to engage with and provide advice to a wide range of Government and governance bodies. Engagements include Parliamentary Groups, The Professional Standards Authority, Sector Skills Councils, Department of Health, and National Health Service.


Practitioners who hold current registration with the GRCCT are seen to meet nationally agreed profession standards for the safe practice of their discipline and to meet NHS National criteria in relation to Patient Safety.

Single Source Validation

The National Register entry for a registrant may be validated online in real time. This facility provides the public and healthcare professionals with immediate validation of a practitioner’s status.  Currently over 60% of validations are conducted by Healthcare Providers, Hospices, GP’s and Practice Managers.

Find a Practitioner

The GRCCT National Register is the largest database of practitioners of complementary medicine in the UK and lists more than 17,000 practitioners in 19 different therapy disciplines. The National Register is searchable by discipline and location.


The GRCCT validation and referral services are used by a vast range of sector providers seeking to employ practitioners of complementary medicine.  Employment enquiries are most often received from Care providers, GP’s, Healthcare Providers, Hospices, Practice Managers, and Therapy Centres.

Private Providers

GRCCT registrants are recognised as appropriate for client use by a wide range of healthcare cash-plan providers, Health Insurance providers and direct healthcare providers.

Legal Support and Witness

The GRCCT works with the Police and Crown Prosecution Service as well as a range of Chambers, Insurance providers and Solicitors providing guidance, expert report and testimony in cases involving the conduct, actions and advertising within the complementary therapy sector.

Advertising Support

The GRCCT Advertising Certification process for practitioners of Complementary Medicine provides nationally agreed guidelines on acceptable advertising terms, benefit statements, conditions treated and available research for a wide range of complementary therapy disciplines.  Certified practitioners are covered by the Profession Support Guarantee which provides expert witness support for legal action.

Environmentally Friendly Resources

GRCCT Registrants have access to the MYGRCCT online facility providing copies of National Register entry documents as well as a range of logos, posters, leaflets, reference documents, and other support materials.

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