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Welcome to the GRCCT

The UK Federal Regulator for Complementary Therapies

Regulation and registration of complementary therapists in the UK is voluntary self-regulation. This means that there are no laws in place to protect the public from unqualified or incompetent therapists. For the past ten years and in accordance with recent government recommendations, the various professional associations in each therapy have been working together to agree standards and requirements for each type of complementary therapy.
Body_massageWhen these criteria had been set the next stage was to put in place an overarching independent regulator to establish a national register and protect the public by validating the status of all registered therapists. This is a role of the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT)


GRCCT provides a robust complaints procedure which in the event of a proven complaint has the option of removing the practitioner from the National Register.

Practitioners on the National Register agree to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics, are answerable to the GRCCT Complaints Disciplinary procedures, maintain their training and knowledge with continuing professional development and have in force professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

The Complementary Therapies regulated by GRCCT are practised by in excess of 50,000 practitioners in the UK

Working in the NHS

Practitioners who hold current registration with the GRCCT will be seen to meet the NHS National Cancer Action Team criteria in relation to Patient Safety.

‘We are happy to be working with, and guided by, the lead bodies in CAM for the benefit of patient care and safety.’ – Acting National Coordinator, Cancer Peer Review, Ruth Bridgeman

Click here for details of the NHS National Cancer Programme


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