Regulator or Association?

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Regulatory Body

• Acts in the interest of the public and has processes open and accountable to the public and the profession
• Independent of professional bodies
• Promotes the process of regulation
• Administers a single register of practitioners who meet agreed criteria.
• Works with the profession to agree and oversee minimum standards.
• Sets requirements for generic continuing professional development (CPD)
• Publishes codes of conduct and/or ethics
• Has a ‘council’ or governing body which includes lay and professional representatives
• Has published complaints & disciplinary procedures
• Provides information to the public about the therapy and what to expect.
• Liaises with government and other organisations when required.
• Operates Fitness to Practise procedures to remove practitioners from the register

Association/Professional Body

• Acts in the interest of the Profession
• Independent of the regulatory body
• Promotes and supports the practitioners and the profession
• A membership organisation of professional practitioners
• Ensures members meet its own standard’s which are at least those required by the regulatory body but may exceed them.
• Many professional bodies provide information on insurance for members
• Ensures members meet requirements for CPD.
• Have codes for members, which would be at least that required by the regulatory body
• May also have a council or governing body with lay representation
• May also have complaints & disciplinary procedures
• If necessary will liaise between practitioners and the regulatory body in the case of a complaint.
• Provide information to the public.
• Ensures courses cover the core curriculum.
• Some professional bodies are linked to specific schools so would run and develop courses. Others hold lists of suitable schools.
• Professional bodies may also liaise with other organisations and government, but not as the ‘voice’ of the discipline.
• May operate their own Fitness to Practise procedures for their own membership

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