Buteyko Breathing

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Discipline Advertising Descriptors  –  Buteyko Breathing

Benefit statements appropriate for use by practitioners of the discipline:

Feelings of relaxation

Helps relieve tension

Improved breathing

Improved body oxygenation

Improves mood

Improves sleep

Increased energy levels

Improved circulation



The treatment or therapy may provide a beneficial effect to those suffering with the following conditions:

✓ Anxiety and depression x Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
✓ Asthma ✓ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)
x Back, leg, and neck pain x Parkinson’s Disease
x Carpal tunnel syndrome x Plantar Fasciitis
✓ Chronic Fatigue syndrome ✓ Palliative care
✓ Chronic Pain ✓ Post-surgical rehabilitation
✓ Constipation ✓ Pregnancy and labour support
✓ Digestive disorders ✓ Pre-menstrual symptoms
✓ Emphysema ✓ Psoriasis
x Fibromyalgia x Repetitive Strain Injury
✓ Gastrointestinal disorders x Sciatica
✓ Headaches ✓ Sinus problems
x Hormonal imbalance ✓ Sleeping Disorders
x Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis x Sports injuries
✓ Insomnia ✓ Strains and sprains
✓ Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) ✓ Stress and stress related conditions
x Kyphosis and Scoliosis x Stroke recovery
x Menopause symptoms x Tendinitis
✓ Migraine x Whiplash

Also used in the treatment of:

Hypertension (Essential)

Orthodontic problems

Panic attacks

Sleep apnoea


Research/Clinical studies for this discipline are available in the following categories:

Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial (RCT)

Cohort (Incidence, Longitudinal Study) Study

Randomised Cross-Over Clinical Trial

Cross-Sectional (Prevalence Study) Study

Case Series


Validated anecdotal evidence is approved by this discipline for use in promotional materials.

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