Healing Organisations

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Are you a member of any of these healing organisations?

Asentia Animal Healing

Association for Therapeutic Healers

Bi-Aura Foundation

College of Healing

College of Psychic Studies

Earthworks School of the Healing Arts

The Foundation of Spiritual Healing and Guidance

Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary Trust

The Healing Academy

The Healing & Peace Group

The Healing Trust (formerly the NFSH)

Helen Stott Transformation and Training

Holistic Energy Association

International Network for Energy Healing (UK)

Journey to the Heart and Soul

Kent International Healing Association

Maitreya School of Healing

The National Healers Association

Omnes Healing

The Radionic Association

SRMHC Associates

The Shamanic Healers Circle

Surrey Healing Association

United Spiritual Healers

Universal Healing Group

White Eagle Lodge



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